Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Bible Site has moved, and is back up!

Thanks to Adam Mayer! Some of the images are still not loading right, but we're working on it.

Here it is:

You know, after two nights of Halloween shows on Thursday and Friday night, I'm playing hooky from all the Oct. 31 madness to hang out with my pregnanted gorgeous lady, Kate. But now she's passed out on the couch, after an early night of Red Baron pizza and Yuengling, watching Les Biches (great!) and Observe and Report (so-so at best. I can't believe Tarantino said this was one of the great movies of 2009. The only two movies I've kinda liked this year are Julia and Not Quite Hollywood.)

So anyway, I'm now writing about the Holy Bible on Halloween rather enjoying any Satanic Americana. Which totally reminds of all the "Bible Character Parties" my church used to have on Halloween, so we could dress up in costumes... (all bible costumes are basically bathrobes for boys, maybe a fake beard or a wooden stick for a Moses staff. Girls are either Mary or Queen Esther.) ...and avoid doing anything pagan or devilish.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

SUNY Purchase: Raccoon Hats, Current 93 and the Shakes October 16, 2009.

Flaming Fire played SUNY purchase for the second time on Friday 9th. It was great to visit again two years later -- most of the kids in the audience from 2007 have awesome bands of their own, like The Shakes. Golly, they were great, and demolished the crowd -- there wasn't much left to peel up off the floor after they finished. I really liked all the bands, which is rare --we are not bears, communication corporation, stumblebum brass band.

Our drummer Sarah Blust had to get home to play BONK with RMO (wait it wasn't BONK, that's happening this week, it was some other marching band festival -- there's a lot of them, it seems) , so Sam, Amanda and Trent took off and were super-cool enough to load the gear themselves -- thanks guys -- leaving Stirling, Justina, Chris and I to party down.

Afterwards, a huge drinking and smoking session with Andrew of the Landlords, and got schooled on some really amazing early Pink Fairies, I think it was the Never Never Land album.

At the party, I sat next to a proud Binghamton hippy girl named Emily on the dingy college couch, who talked about how it was great it was to ride her bike through the woods and steal blueberries. Then her boyfriend "Mad Dog" walked in and she started yelling at him for not killing enough raccoons to make her a hat! She wants a raccoon mat, not a mink hat or an otter hat, because raccoons are free, and you have to shoot them yourself in the wild yourself, to make a hat for the one you love. It's more special. My kind of people. I really liked this party a lot.

Also, Andrew kept recommending DrunkDriver, which I would know about if I didn't live in a hole in the ground, since they just played a WFMU show with one of my favorite bands in the world -- Teenage Jesus and the Jerks. The party ended with a "Current 93" singalong at 5 am to "Oh Coal Black Smith" -- i couldn't believe they all knew the words! Sometimes I forget that Flaming Fire has an affinity for the apocalyptic folk people -- I never meet those crazy mystical doomers in NYC anymore or see them at shows, since Camilla and Andy moved out of our house. Are there any left in Brooklyn or Jersey City? But SUNY Purchase is a crazy place -- the college students have their music DOWN. We might play their zombie prom next spring.

Thanks to Andrew Kuhl for inviting us up, we had a ball, and all the STOOD guys for doing such an amazing job on the sound. How come NYC rock clubs run by professionals don't sound this good?

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